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You find 500 people to give a pound a week to help others who are in a tough place because life has chucked everything at them.  Of course these would have to be 500 top notch people...the kind who give enough of a **** and know that most of us are but a hop, skip and a jump away from that same place.

Every week the collected money is then donated to a person in need. It's a simple idea - the more people who donate their £1 a week, the more we can give every week to people in need!

Inspired by 500 Reasons (Brighton), 500 Acts of Kindness (north west) and 500 together (Sheffield), a few of us got together to set up our own version of this very beautiful thing.  

We’d love you to become one of our 500 and give a quid each week (though truth be told were not pedantic...we’d take more than 500 people and more than a quid a week...and other kinds of donations...if push comes to shove)...and you can find out more about how it works on the How to give a **** page (please insert your favourite four letter word).  


Right now Covid 19 is tearing the heart out of the community and public services

that supports our most vulnerable people and it is pushing more people to the edge every day.   

Imagine being able to make a real difference for a quid a week...

I mean what else can you get for a quid these days?!

If you would like to keep up to date with where we are it with this and with how we have collectively managed to make a difference then do sign up below.  Don't worry...we're all about the low admin here so you won't be bombarded.  

Thanks, look out for us in your inbox soon!

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