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Setting up your Weekly Standing Order! 

We have two ways that you can give a ****. 


  1. You can set up a weekly standing order for a £1...or more if you can

  2. You can make a single payment whenever you want


Standing order

The benefit of a standing order is that we will know each week how much we have coming in.  Obviously we really need 500 people or more to really make this work so please do sign up...and maybe nudge your friends to sign up too.

We have a community group bank account where you can send a weekly standing order of just £1 (or more if you'd like to). Standing order's need to be set up by you at your own bank. This can usually be done online or via your mobile banking app. 

Here are the details: 

Account Name: 500 Give a

Account number: 70616841

Sort Code: 53-61-07

PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure you put the name you will register any nominations under into the reference box.

(We know sometimes bank accounts are in different names. In order for us to be able to correspond your nomination to your payment we need to have matching names. Example: Matt Smith has a bank account under Mr M T Smith. He puts Matt Smith as the reference on his payment).   Any problems or questions please just drop us an email: 

One off payment

We realise a regular standing order might not suit everyone so we also have the option to make a one off donation whenever it suits you.  Follow this link to Paypal.


What to do once you've set up your standing order: 


Please share this idea with your friends by sharing our posts on Facebook or just by sharing a link to this website :) we know word of mouth spreads the best and so we would really love it if you could spread the word! 


Nominate someone who could use a bit of help!

Anyone who gives can also nominate someone who they feel could really use some help. There are only 2 religious bias and no political bias. We (a small group of admins) would decide each week. 

Click here to nominate someone.

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